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“Following a difficult time for my business (and the world) I engaged the services of Broader Impact to provide an evaluation of the inclusiveness of my business. As a body worker, with a very small business, I was impressed with the rigor that Dr. Tenorio and Broader Impact undertook in order to give me a complete picture of how I could make my business accessible to a wider audience. Dr. Tenorio listened carefully to my concerns and desires, took time to get to know the ins and outs of my practice, and provided me with information about the market I am in as well as about the history of my type of work in various cultures. The most remarkable and life changing aspect of my work with Broader Impact, and Dr. Tenorio in particular, is that I learned more about myself as a Latina and felt safe while challenging my ideology and putting myself in a place, as Dr. Tenorio wisely encouraged, of “spiritual, cultural, physical, and linguistic vulnerability.””- Candace Pantoga, CST-D, Chana Ora, LLC

"In the Fall of 2020, MCW/ODI contracted with Broader Impact, LLC to systematically review, categorize, synthesize, and code past and current Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Medical College of Wisconsin documents that track the current state (as of Fall 2020) of the organization’s activities, initiatives, curriculum, culture., regarding DEI and Anti-Racism. During this process, Dr. Tenorio worked with our team to identify how best to map our information and track partnerships, initiatives, and activities. Her professionalism, expertise, and dedication to the project were deeply appreciated, and we will continue to seek opportunities to work with the Broader Impact team." - Drs. Jessica Olson & Greer Jordan, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Medical College of Wisconsin

"My discipline, the atmospheric sciences, has the lowest matriculation rates for members of underrepresented groups among all STEM disciplines. Dr. Tenorio helped me establish a collaborative partnership with my institution's Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program to develop a comprehensive two-year mentoring and research experience for a student from an underrepresented background. Dr. Tenorio's expertise was invaluable in helping to shape the collaboration and associated proposal narrative, particularly in the areas of program design and evaluation. Reviewer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the proposal was funded in its first submission! I'm pleased to recommend Dr. Tenorio and Broader Impact to other researchers looking to develop unique, impactful broader impacts activities."- Clark Evans, PhD, Atmospheric Science

"Dr. Tenorio’s communication style is clear, direct and objective driven. [She] is committed to providing a high-quality service while focusing on the broader impact of that educational service. Dr. Tenorio’s approachable managerial style and extensive experience overseeing funded projects makes her an effective colleague to work with on research projects. Her experience working with underrepresented groups is evidence of her ability to address the broader impact requirement of funding agencies such as the NSF."- James Peoples, PhD, Economics, NSF Reviewer

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